About this Blog

What do I mean when I promise you “life, philosophy, and art in 500 words or fewer”? Your time and mine is limited. So much and so many people are after our attention that it can be difficult to choose where to place our focus. If you have been so kind and so inclined as to seek out a blog to read, and in that process, you happened upon this one, then I hope to make it worth your time.

So, I thought about the Golden Rule. I would have others do unto me short musings on life, philosophy, and art in about 500 words, which I can therefore enjoy before I’ve finished my morning cup of coffee. It provides me with a little intellectual stimulation to tag along with my caffeination.

What do I mean by “life, philosophy, and art”? I don’t pretend to be a life coach, philosopher, or—even though I’m a fiction writer—an artist. Like you, though, I have inner musings about the world, the people in it, and the things we produce. I have found, as you may have, that expressing my thoughts helps clarify them. They go from jumbled abstractions in my head to crystalized words in someone else’s head. In so doing…

Have I convinced my fellow man?
Am I as sure about my opinion as I once was?
Will I learn something shocking (about the world or myself) from my interlocuter’s response?

The answers to these questions will fluctuate, and our lives will fluctuate right along with them.

Still, a blog needs a focus. I am a fiction writer. In general, therefore, this blog will:

  • Review and expound upon contemporary works of literature and art (novels, plays, short stories, visual arts, and music)
  • Review and expound upon classic works of literature and art (and here, forgive me, but I will likely go beyond 500 words, because I believe enduring works deserve that attention)
  • Share my own publications with you as they come
  • Muse upon my life—the good days and bad days, the happy thoughts and the ugly ones—and these musings will, I hope, be meaningful to a wider audience

Please don’t misunderstand me. I’m not here to drag you into my desire for catharsis or pummel you with delusions of my own intellectual prowess. You are granting me some of your time, and, in fair trade, I am attempting to be worthy of it. I’m here for a cup of coffee and some conversation—both, I hope, of a robust blend. Won’t you join me?


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